The Azadi Far Ride to the Murray

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Imagine a journey that takes you back in time, to the days of the pioneers. A journey by foot, cycle or horseback, that follows the footsteps of the drovers who once drove livestock across the Australian back country.

This is the Azadi Far Ride to the Murray. A 1,100km horseback ride along the NSW Livestock Highway and Traveling Stock Reserves, from Goondiwindi to Tocumwal.

This journey will raise awareness of the importance of preserving this asset and the opportunities of Australian stock routes for eco-tourism & slow travel.

Join us on an adventure for a morning, a day, or as long as you can and support our Australian stock routes and heritage, through promoting a diversified purpose!



These routes with wide grassy verges on either side of the road, much wider than ordinary road networks, allow livestock to graze as they travel. Fenced Reserves were created at strategic droving distances for overnight camping with water for stock. The local towns accommodated these strategic distances and provided resource resupply points for the drovers.

These stock routes, towns and facilities still remain, an under-utilised resource, with local artisan, art, locally-grown produce, cafes, country stores and pubs.

Not only is there a dedicated route for safe slow travel, but resources, things to see and communities to connect with along the way.

The Azadi Far Ride to the Murray will pass through some of the most beautiful back country parts of Australia. We will see the Murray River and the Australian outback. We will meet the people who live in these towns and experience their culture, collecting stories from locals and other travelers.

An annotated map will be created, featuring local businesses and organisations supportive of slow travel and eco-tourism along Australian stock routes. We’ll be filming and photographing our journey, promoting the natural wonder and connections created, so that we can share this knowledge and inspire those who wish to follow our footsteps. 

The Azadi Far Ride to the Murray is an adventure of a lifetime. It is a journey that will challenge you physically and mentally, but ground you through the meditation of slow travel.


Departing Goondiwindi March 18th 2024


Across the state of NSW, from Goondiwindi to Tocumwal following the NSW Livestock Highway and Traveling Stock Reserves.

The map of the route can be found here.

Map Notes:
– The route is subject to change without notice due to unforeseen circumstances.
– Yellow denotes where the stock route deviates from the main road or isn’t on a road (Public Liability Insurance required, if riding horses and not along route-adjacent roads).
– No rest areas have been marked due to the inconsistent nature of slow travel. We will mark where we rest during the ride.
– Goondinwindi to Moree, Narrabri to Boggabri, Dunedoo to Narromine, Forbes to West Wyalong and Jerilderie to Tocumwal will have non-stock reserve public rest areas, but there may still be some off-the-road stock reserves traversed.


A total distance of over 1,100km in 6-8 weeks, covering an average 35km a day (20-45km between overnight rest areas).
There will be a minimum 2x rest days per week (may not be consecutive), usually in or bordering towns, for rest & resupply.


Join us on this journey and experience the best of Australia. All slow travelers such as walkers, runners, cyclists and horse riders are encouraged! We advise those wishing to follow, to only do what they are physically capable of as we may travel up to 45km (8-10 hours) a day.

Please send us an EOI containing the following information, so we can best try to co-ordinate with you prior to and during the ride:
– Hiking, biking or horse riding?
– The section you’re interested in accompanying us?
– How many individuals?

All those who follow our routes do so at their own preparations, discretion and risk. We will help where we can and point out supporting local spots for rest, food,feed and refreshments on our annotated map as we pass through.


  • You must have Public Liability Insurance* if you are planning to;
    – Ride horses in a stock reserve that is not along route-adjacent roads.
    – Camp with horses in a stock reserve.
  • Maximum 5 individuals (inc. us) can camp on stock reserves, without toilet facilities.
  • If required, you must arrange your TSS Permit with Local Land Services for traveling with horses in NSW.
  • Stay informed on Biosecurity regulations.
  • No Hay, Chaff or unprocessed whole grains permitted to be fed on the stock routes.
    Pelleted/cubed fibres and cracked, rolled, flaked or pelleted grain only. Horses must be fed in an enclosed container (recommend nose bags).

    * Many Horse Associations include Public Liability in their membership so please check. Otherwise Affinity Horse Insurance is an option.
    Even if you’re not riding/camping with horses on reserves we still highly recommend horse riders hold Public Liability Insurance for peace of mind. Our insurance will not cover you.

If you can’t physically join us, don’t worry, you can still support our initiative by sharing our story or by donating a bag of horse feed, hot meal, shower or bed through supportive local businesses along this route.

Follow the preparation and the ups and downs of far riding along our Australian stock routes as we document this journey.

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