Flame of Glory Melika

Flame of Glory Melika

9 year old Arabian Mare. 14.3 hh

Shane’ was browsing through photos of horses for sale when she saw a picture of a beautiful bay mare. 

She immediately recognized the mare’s sire as the brother of her own horse, Glory. Shane’ knew that she had to have this mare, so she contacted the saleyards and started the process of buying her. 

The saleyards advised the mare had gone to a dogger, which is someone who buys and sells horses for slaughter. Shane’ knew that she had to act quickly if she wanted to save this mare from a terrible fate. She negotiated a price with the dogger and arranged to have the mare transported to a friend’s property. 

As Melika became more comfortable with Shane’, she started the process of training Melika. After a year of saddle training and a dozen rides, Shane’ was confident that Melika was ready for her first endurance ride. 

She entered Melika in a 20km event, and Melika finished the distance with flying colors. Over the next few years, Shane and Melika competed in several more endurance events escorted by Glory. Melika proved to be a natural endurance horse, and she loved the challenge of the sport.

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