Tristram Blaze Of Glory

Tristram Blaze Of Glory - From the Dogger Pen to Beyond!

23 year old Arabian Gelding. 15 hh

Glory (aka BOG, due to his affinity for the mud), was first seen by Shane’ photographed in a Doggers Pen in Brisbane in 2014. 

She was immediately drawn to him but noted obvious injury. Some time passed and still she thought of the chestnut in the dogger pens in Brisbane and inquired about him. 

Luckily he hadn’t fit on the truck but was definitely going on the next one. She organised a viewing by her mother and postponed the one-way trip. Right after the ride she received a phone call from her mum saying she had just finished riding Shane’s “new horse”. 

What followed was a fair amount of background research, dredging up history, papers and an endurance logbook that enticed her into that sport. 

1 year of rehabilitation, naysayers and almost 10 years of equine adventure ensued. What better way to celebrate 10 years together with a phenomenal horse, than the Azadi Far Ride to the Murray.

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