Golden trails stock routes

Golden Trails: Stock Routes Spark Rural Prosperity

Dust off your Akubras and lace up those hiking boots – the Aussie outback is gearing up for a wild transformation. Those old stock routes, once reserved for cattle hooves, could be morphed into vibrant trails of promise, injecting millions into rural communities and connecting us all to the beating heart of the land. But …

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Rider and two horses at the beach on a sunny day

But Why?

The decision to make this epic stock routes journey with my horses and share it with everyone. I am not doing this in partnership with a charitable organization or attaching a charity cause. This initiative is for the benefit of all the communities along the stock routes, not about using them to achieve gain for …

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Boyne Burnett Inland Rail Trail – Horse Trekking Dawes Range

Kalpowar to Builyan We decided an exploratory trip of the Dawes Range section of the BBIRT was in order. It also offered a good opportunity to gauge horse/rider fitness progress and packing skills for saddlebags and support vehicle. I always recommend doing a couple “fun runs” with all your gear before you go on a …

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