Forbes to West Wyalong

Despite the delays, my grandfather arrived and we headed off for the next leg. This next section is from Forbes to West Wyalong via Condobolin. We had a rendezvous with a drover , who we just couldn’t miss! He has played an integral part in preserving the stockroute’s for the past 20 years.


Drover on bike talking

We went via the “Sculpture Way” which is a brilliant concept. It would also appear all the sculptures are on stock reserves along this stockroute. 

We caught up with the drover about 15kms south of Condobolin. We enjoyed a fantastic afternoon and evening discussing the history, the present and the future of Australia’s stockroutes. They provided valuable insight and support for our initiative. In hindsight, it’s sad for me to note I’ve not encountered a drover among my age demographic yet, which is concerning. The drover’s also expressed their concerns on this topic. It seems you almost need an apprenticeship for drovers, so the next generation has a suitable learning environment.

Day 1 – 23km

The next morning my grandfather and I headed off together along the stockroutes. The drovers had moved their camp and mob that morning. About 10km down the road at Humbug Creek we said our thank-you’s and goodbye’s, then continued on for the day. The day was a blend of dirt vehicle tracks, pig tracks and alongside the road. We reached a beautiful dam nestled deep within a stock reserve for our evening camp at the 23km mark.

Day 2 – 36km

We continued on together, my grandfather and I for the next leg. We followed alongside the road for this section. We met up with the support driver for lunch at the 15km mark on Humbug Creek. My grandfather decided to take continue on with the support driver. He does better if he alternates short and long days. So, as it was only 2pm we decided to push on to camp at the stock reserve in Girral, which was a further 21km. This stock reserve is right on the junction, but had a beautiful dam with a small flock of adorable Grebe’s.

Day 3 – 32km

The good news was, my grandfathers luggage was due to be delivered to West Wyalong this day. The unfortunate news was, he could not join me this section as he had to sign for it. This section continues south from Girral along bitumen road initially. At Calleen Stock Reserve (12km) Glory enjoyed a refreshing drink and treats, before the route deviated. Taking us onto dirt roads and along the railway corridor. We stopped overnight at the West Wyalong Showgrounds and spoiled ourselves with some Indian takeaway.

We’re looking forward to the last couple weeks of this odyssey together. 

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