Arabian horses – our perfect companion

As the excitement builds for our long-distance Azadi Far Ride adventure, I can’t help but reflect on the profound connection I share with my chosen equine companion – the Arabian horse. In this personal account, I want to unravel the layers of misconceptions surrounding Arabians, shedding light on why they are not just dependable but, in my eyes, the ideal choice for long-distance slow travel. For me, the Arabian horse emerges as the ideal companion, a testament to both genetic excellence and the profound wisdom of the Bedouin tribes on the Arabian Peninsula from where they originated.

The Science Behind Arabian Horses

-Efficient Metabolism: Arabian horses display a remarkable efficiency in processing food (this does make them more prone to EMS however). This metabolic advantage, was integral to the Bedouins’ survival in the harsh desert environment. The Arabian’s ability to thrive on minimal resources aligns seamlessly with the nutritional challenges of the Azadi Far Ride.

-Endurance Genetics: Scientific scrutiny of Arabian genetics reveals specific gene expressions associated with heightened aerobic capacity and energy utilization. Variation in their muscle type may also contribute to their metabolic response during exercise.

-Muscle Fiber Composition: Arabians boast a distinctive preponderance of slow-twitch muscle fibers in certain muscle groups, a scientific marvel that aligns seamlessly with their endurance capabilities. This genetic predisposition, enhanced through centuries of selective breeding, equips Arabians with the physiological advantage needed to traverse vast distances with grace and efficiency.

Bedouin tribes, intimately dependent on their horses, unknowingly honed these genetic traits, ensuring that Arabian horses possess the endurance needed for the prolonged challenges of long-distance rides.

Riding Arabians gives you wings

Characteristics Rooted in Wisdom

-Selective Breeding by Bedouin Tribes: Bedouin tribes, nomadic dwellers of the Arabian Peninsula, engaged in a centuries-long practice of selective breeding. Their astute genetic selection focused on refining traits crucial for survival, such as stamina, intelligence, and adaptability. Arabians, unfairly burdened with stereotypes, have become my go-to partners for reasons that extend beyond the ordinary.

-Adaptability: The adaptability of Arabians by nature, reflects the Bedouins’ practical need for horses capable of thriving in diverse environments. The breed’s flexibility ensures that Arabian horses can navigate varied terrains and situations encountered during the Azadi Far Ride, mirroring the nomadic lifestyle of their Bedouin companions.

-Intelligence and Learning Aptitude: Neuroscientific studies attest to the intelligence of Arabian horses, a quality cherished by the Bedouins. The breed’s quick learning abilities and problem-solving skills ensured that horses seamlessly integrated into the fabric of Bedouin life, responding adeptly to the demands of the nomadic lifestyle. The intelligence of these horses has manifested in ways that continue to astound me on our adventures. The legacy of the Arabian horse is, in part, a testament to the empirical wisdom of the Bedouins.

In my journey with my Arabians, positive reinforcement has been the key to unlocking their incredible potential. Witnessing their quick learning and lasting retention of training reinforces the idea that Arabians thrive on encouragement and pleasing their owners.

The Harmony of Science and Wisdom

So, contrary to popular belief, Arabians are not the high-strung, unpredictable steeds some make them out to be. In the face of stereotypes and misconceptions, Arabians continue to redefine that narrative. Through our shared experiences, my Arabian companions have proven time and again that their intelligence and sensitivity make them highly trainable and exceptionally loyal. Their willingness to learn, adapt, and respond to positive reinforcement has transformed them into steadfast allies on our adventures.

My choice of the Arabian horse is not merely a strategic decision; it is a reflection of a profound connection and a poignant homage to the intersection of their genetic excellence and Bedouin wisdom. Their unique blend of intelligence and reliability sets the stage for an equestrian journey that transcends expectations, making the Azadi Far Ride a celebration of the bond we share and the trails we conquer together.

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