Natures Farmacy Sponsor Supporter Horse Health

Horse Health – Naturally

The importance of proper horse nutrition and health cannot be overstated. Our horses are our top priority, so we’ve partnered with Natures Farmacy.

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Costin Horseshoes Polyurethane

Over 1000km: just barefoot isn’t gonna cut it

Over 1000km, just barefoot isn’t gonna cut it. We’re excited to partner with Australian-made and owned, Costin Horseshoes and here’s why!

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Golden trails stock routes

Golden Trails: Stock Routes Spark Rural Prosperity

Dust off your Akubras and lace up those hiking boots – the Aussie outback is gearing up for a wild transformation. Those old stock routes, once reserved for cattle hooves, could be morphed into vibrant trails of promise, injecting millions into rural communities and connecting us all to the beating heart of the land. But …

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Trek Hydration

Hydration is a critical aspect of a successful trek. We’ll delve into the essential aspects of planning your trek, drinking habits, and sourcing clean water.

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The Route to THRIVE 2030

The tourism industry is changing and the THRIVE 2030 Strategy is driving it. Stock routes are a key part of meeting it’s goals, alongside rail trails and geotrails

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Traveling the Stock Routes: What you need to know

We’ve released the rough route for the Azadi Far Ride to the Murray 2024. For those wishing to join us or follow in our footsteps along the stock routes, there are some things you need to know. The need to know In QLD, no permit is needed for horseback transport. In NSW, it’s exempt along …

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Getting trek fit

The more training and preparation you do prior to your trek, the more you’ll get out of it. We share our tips for getting trek fit!

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Arabian horses – our perfect companion

I want to unravel the layers of misconceptions surrounding Arabians, shedding light on why they are the ideal choice for long-distance slow travel.

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Behind the Scenes: Spotlight on Our Support Vehicle Driver

Azadi Far Ride Support & Media Crew Coordinator.

Birgit is joining us on our far ride as our support vehicle and horse float driver! She’ll be traveling along the route to meet up with us and provide feed and water supplies where the stockroute rest stops might not be able to. She’ll also be issuing updates and representing a contact point for the media and sponsors, as well as any other interested parties who want to support this awareness-raising far ride.

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Glue-on horse shoes

Glue-on horseshoes: Are you “dyeing” to try?

Are you “dyeing” to try glue-on horseshoes and add a splash of fun? We provide step-by-step instructions to brighten up your ride!

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