Over 1000km: just barefoot isn’t gonna cut it

Barefoot horse hoof trimmed

My horses have been barefoot for as long as I’ve owned them.

When we started seriously planning this awareness raising initiative, the Azadi Far Ride to the Murray, we knew that just being barefoot wasn’t going to cut it. We still wanted the flexibility in the hoof that barefoot allows, but we needed protection against excessive wear, concussion, and puncture injuries. We’ve been using boots for several years, but these, along with their spare parts and tools to fix them, are heavy. Then, there’s the time it takes to apply and remove them twice a day, along with the constant checking to ensure there are no rubs.

The Solution!

With these considerations in mind and the need for something that can be applied quickly with minimal tools while trekking, we looked into polyurethane horseshoes.

What can we say? After trying them, we’re hooked! They’re lightweight, quick, and easy to apply, and the horses move beautifully.

So, we’re excited to partner with the Australian-made and owned company, Costin Horseshoes, for our journey of over 1000km across NSW stock routes this year! These unique and innovative polyurethane horseshoes can be nailed, glued, or cast on and provide plenty of sole protection, while still allowing the hoof to function as nature intended. They’re also significantly lighter than hoof boots, which is a huge consideration because, as Steve Costin, Master Farrier, most eloquently puts it, “an ounce off the hoof is equal to a pound off the back.” It’s reassuring to know we will be using Australian-made, high-quality hoof protection. We can’t wait to share the performance of these groundbreaking shoes during this odyssey with you.

If you’re interested in exploring Costin Horseshoes for your horses, check out their Facebook page: Costin Horseshoes or send them an email.

Costin Horseshoe glued
Photo: Costin Horseshoes
Costin Horsehoe nailed
Photo: Costin Horseshoes
Costin Horseshoes
Costin Horseshoes
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